Dominant Lady

Dommie was purely bought as a brood mare in 2005 from Victoria. Dommie is a thoroughbred and officially retired from racing in June 2005. During this time Dommie had 2 successful foals.

After this time Dommie was kept by a family who just wanted a horse to enjoy and casually ride.

Previous to Dommie l had purchased semen from the stallion Rotspon to put over a beautiful mare but unfortunately this was not successful. We then went looking specifically for a mare that would suit Rotspon and we hit the jackpot - Dommie was our pick.

Dommie's pedigree attached..

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Rotspon is based in Germany. He is an exceptional stallion by the world famous sire Rubinstein 1. Rotspon has spectacular movement, a beautiful temperament and outstanding ability.

At his performance test in Adelheidsdorf in 1998 Rotspon came first in the overall placing and first in dressage. He has a character and temperament score of 9. A conformation score of 8, a jumping ability score of 8 and rideability scores of 9 and 10. He has an outstanding walk score of 8, (the average is 6.3) his trot is also very high of 8.33 (against the average of 6.38). His canter score of 9 puts him again well above the average. Rotspon is very elegantly made with a noble black colour with a lot of expression and great appearance. He is big-framed with good riding horse points, a lot of substance and correct conformation. He has high rideability, quality basic gaits and a very good attitude. Besides his extraordinary dressage he also has a good jumping result. Apart from his famous sire, Rubinstein 1 Rotspon also has a great pedigree on his dam side; Argentan by Absatz and Paragona by Pik Bube.

Please view a video clip of Rotspon to see why we are so excited about this breeding!

Dommie had her first foal to Rotspon in November 2008. The foal was beyond my expectations a gorgeous filly very well built with amazing colour. We still find this very hard to talk about but unfortunately the foal lost her life on the fifth day through no fault of her mother. A day that l will never forget.  

Dommie is currently in foal again to Rotspon and is due on Friday 20 November 2009. We will keep you updated with her progress……..


 Dommie due any day!!!!!!!!!

Dommie gave us another Filly on November 30 at 10.00pm named Giselle (more details on Giselle ’s web page).

Dommie is in foal again to Rotspon due 14 November 2011 very excited.

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